Candle Driftwood Tray - Sunlight in the Forest


Driftwood Candle Tray - hand carved Driftwood Candle Tray is a weathered, light color, natural, renewable mango wood tray with a braided raffia tassel, handsome leather dust cover and a tied jute decorative accent. Each candle will vary slightly in appearance. 

Holds 24 ounces of hand poured clean burning soy wax. This candle should give approximately 40-50 hours of burn time. the Driftwood Tray can be reused once the wicks have burned away, and it has been cleaned out. Repurpose as a decorative container for your table, kitchen counter or desk, to be used time and time again.

Sunlight in the Forest- a fresh, clean fragrance of apple and yuzu, mixed with a clean musk and vanilla.

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