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Maison Berger - June Lampe in Rosewood with Lavender Gift Set


 The June Lampe Berger in Rosewood casts a silky glow in a unique colour that is delicate and feminine. The soft hue and harmonious lines are topped with a solid upright cap in silver that adds a striking element to your décor. This lampe is paired with the floral Lavender Fields fragrance. The aromatic notes of lavandin and eucalyptus reveal a fruity pear accent before ending on the warmth of camphor and its woodsy base. Explore the aromas of the enchanting blue fields of Provence as you enjoy a sense of well-being.

Two other models of June Lampe Berger are available to purify and delicately perfume your home.

Lamp sold in a gift set with a stopper, a funnel and a 250ml bottle of Lavender Fields home fragrance. 

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